TS Chantal


Our 3rd named storm of the season is somewhat of a rarity.  To quote Dr. Jeff Masters of the weatherunderground “Formation of a tropical storm east of the Lesser Antilles Islands in early July from an African tropical wave is an uncommon occurrence”.

There have only been thirteen tropical depressions or storms on or before July 15 that passed through the Lesser Antilles over the last 162 years. This could signal an active season ahead- read more here to find out why:


The devastating 2005 hurricane season had 2 of these storms (Dennis & Emily) and ended up being the most active season in recorded history with a whopping 31 depressions, 28 storms, 15 hurricanes and 7 major hurricanes. Not the least of which was record breaking hurricane Katrina. The season finally came to an end with tropical storm Zeta which formed December 30 and dissipated January 6, 2006.

During that time the Eberl office was in high gear, sending record numbers of adjusters to assist. People were deployed from Louisiana to Florida and all points in between. I believe that was the year the term “organized chaos” was coined!  At one point after yet ANOTHER storm hit, we received an email from a client liaison with the subject line “dismay”…. indeed . From sleeping in cars to food shortages, gas lines and general devastation,  it was akin to a war zone for many adjusters.  The work was hard, but we ended each day knowing we were helping people in need. We share our stories with a sense of great pride. And, yes, occasionally the story gets grander with each retelling- LOL 🙂


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