Aloha Flossie


TS Flossie

As TS Flossie approaches the Hawaiian Islands, she is encountering moderate wind shear and dry air aloft, causing some weakening. Winds will likely decrease to around 39 mph over the next day or so as she passes through the islands. Even though Flossie is losing strength, she will still dump quite a bit of rain on the Big Island, Oahu and Maui… Time to hunker down with that Loco Moco and Shaka Brah.

Tropical storms and hurricanes are not common in Hawaii; they average about one every four years. Has Eberl ever worked a hurricane in Hawaii? Why, yes, yes we have! We were proud to be able to provide catastrophe adjusters to assist after hurricane Iniki in 1992. A massive category 4 hurricane which caused over 8 billion dollars in damage, Iniki was Hawaii’s costliest hurricane ever. We also deployed adjusters for hurricane Felicia, which hit the islands in 2009.

True or False– Gerrad Brigham, Eberl CEO, did not work hurricane Iniki. FALSE!

Hurricane Iniki was one of Gerrad’s first assignments as an adjuster. Yup, he started out chasing storms just like everyone else! All though many of his assignments were in perhaps less idyllic locations- i.e. Newark, Salina, North Platte – lol.

Elsewhere over open waters… As of Saturday, TS Dorian is no more-ian. Over the weekend he lost strength and deteriorated to tropical wave status. However, the NHC gives a 40% chance that the remnants will regenerate by Wednesday. Dorian ,or what is left of him, will be moving north by northwest this week and crossing over Florida on Thursday and Friday.

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