Hail, Hurricanes and Floods, oh my!


A little bit of something for everyone, no? Hail season is definitely, NOT OVER friends. Just last night a mega hail storm blew through Minneapolis, and over the weekend we had some wicked hail in our home state of Colorado. Today and tomorrow will bring the threat of large hail and damaging winds to the Ohio Valley, Great Lakes and parts of the Central and High Plains. Some localized flash flooding is possible from these events, but the biggest flood event at the moment is in south-central Missouri. After several days of drenching rains, the area is experiencing power outages, major flooding and mandatory evacuations.

Storms abound in the Pacific, with the appearance of  hurricane Henriette and tropical storm Gil. Henriette is not expected to encounter land in the coming days, although she may “brush” Hawaii Sunday or Monday. It is common for tropical cyclones to weaken as they approach the Islands from the east (like Flossie did), so the threat from Henriette is minimal. The sixth storm of the Pacific season, Gil, came and went with little fanfare. He lasted roughly one week and did not impact any land areas.

Meanwhile in the Atlantic… One may be thinking “where are all the storms?”. Well, actually this year is pretty standard in the way of activity. Basically, we usually have 2 named storms by August 1st. For 2013 we have already had four, so things are rather status quo.

Last week that darn Saharan dust blew into the Caribbean putting a kaibosh on cyclone formation for the near term… Don’t fret, things will start spinning soon enough!

Check out this story from the weather channel to learn more- http://www.weather.com/news/weather-hurricanes/hurricane-season-atlantic-peak-ahead-20130805


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