First the fire, then the flood


And of course, tons of mud…

A year after the devastating fires in Waldo Canyon, residents are wading through the mud and crud caused by recent flash flooding. Heavy rains fell over the burn scar area creating rivers of mud, debris and general nastiness.


Officials and citizens have been fearing this scenario for many months, knowing all it would take is one heavy rainfall to cause the epic slip and slide.


Earlier this summer the U.S. Department of Agriculture gave $20 million dollars for flood mitigation in the High Park and Waldo Canyon fire areas. Unfortunately, Mother Nature was one step ahead…


About 20 homes have been impacted so far from the flooding and mudding.


Dude, where’s my car?

Flash Flood Safety Tips

DO NOT underestimate the power of moving water. It can take as little as 2 feet of rushing water to sweep a vehicle away (yup, even large trucks and SUV’s)

Move to high ground and never try to outrun the flood (you will lose)

All manner of dangerous debris is carried in flood water making it extremely dangerous to walk or swim through the waters. A mere 6 inches of rushing water will sweep you off your feet.

Don’t drown, turn around!

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