So you think its been a slow storm season….


Well, you would be correct! 

Year to date in 2013, there have been 16,138 storm reports.  Although this may seem like a significant number, it is only 65% of the previous 5 year average of 24, 561 reports for the same reporting period (Jan-Aug).

Interesting Tidbits from the last 5 years of reports;

June 2008 has the highest number of hail reports with an whopping 5717

June 2012 had the least, with a lackluster 996 hail reports

April 2011 had the highest number of tornadoes at 875, while April 2013 had a mere 83. 

You can see all the details here:

Given the slow hail season, we are all anxiously watching the tropics as we pass the halfway point of the Atlantic season this week without a hurricane…

Although August 10th is the average date for first hurricane formation, the climatological peak of the season does not arrive until mid September.

Here are five years in which the first hurricane did not form until September:

  • 2002:  Sep. 11 (Gustav)
  • 2001:  Sep. 8 (Erin)
  • 1988:  Sep. 2 (Debby)
  • 1984:  Sep. 10 (Diana)
  • 1967:  Sep. 2 (Arlene)

Despite the late start, each of the years above had a decent number of hurricanes:

  • 2002:  4
  • 2001:  9
  • 1988:  5
  • 1984:  5
  • 1967:  6

Bottom line is that the lack of activity thus far, does not signal an inactive season ahead! We will all be anxiously watching the tropics in the coming weeks…




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