Karen Kaput, Hurricane Mojo (MJO)


Poor old gal didn’t even make it to landfall, but her remnants are dropping a decent amount of rain in the southeast. 98L has appeared in the Atlantic and may develop some, but will pose no threat to the U.S. Forecasts call for conditions across the Atlantic to remain unfavorable for storm genesis for about the next two weeks. However, by the end of this month and beginning of next, the MJO (Madden–Julian oscillation), may begin a phase that will bring upward air motion to the Atlantic creating considerably better conditions for storm development. Coincidentally… one of our silly staff members has a vacation planned in south Florida at the end of October; all but guaranteeing an epic event – lol.

Learn more than you ever wanted to know about the MJO here :



Hurricane Making Mojo?

Still awake? Cool.

On a totally different subject….The eastern U.S. is under the gun today with some nasty weather in the form or thunderstorms and tornadoes. Tornadoes in October? Yes! Actually, the second half of October through November is sometimes called the “second season” for tornado activity in the U.S. In fact, six of the largest 55 known tornado outbreaks occurred in October and November.

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