Slow start for tornadoes


So what’s the deal? Well, since last fall a weather pattern has created a trough in the jet stream across the Midwest and East and a ridge of high pressure off the West Coast which has covered the lower 48. This pattern brought colder temperatures and increased snowfall to the East and left the West drier and warmer than usual. It has also inhibited the tornado formation this spring by suppressing two key elements – a flow of moisture from the Gulf into the Plains and high amounts of atmospheric wind shear.

The good news is- lack of tornadoes = lack of tornado related deaths. In fact, 2014 has had one of the longest stretches of time since Jan. 1 without a tornado-related fatality.

According to Severe Weather Expert Dan Kottlowski,  this may change sooner than later. “We expect a normal to perhaps an above-average amount of severe thunderstorms over the Central states during May and June,” states Kottlowski in the article below;




Even through the season may be off to a slow start, experts caution people to not let their guard down. This time of year the weather is as volatile as it is unpredictable. 

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