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Hermine Picks Up Steam

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After  many days struggling to reach named status, Hermine formed yesterday and is now at Category One strength. Of course the timing could not be worse since it is expected to make its second Florida landfall within the next twelve hours or so…  After that Hermine will track over southeast Georgia and over or near the Lowcountry of South Carolina and eastern North Carolina tomorrow and Saturday. This storm is going to drop a ton of rain and poses a significant threat of flooding and dangerously high storm surges-  5 – 8’ above ground along a stretch of the Florida coast to the right of where the center is expected to make landfall. Hurricane warnings are now in effect for a portion of north Florida, extending inland to include the city of Tallahassee. The last hurricane to hit Florida was Wilma 11 YEARS AGO- WOW. Seems just like yesterday 🙂



rainfall total


There was good news for Big Island residents as hurricane Madeline kept a southern track and appears to have had less impact than initially anticipated. However, with Hurricane Lester chugging towards the chain, they are not in the clear just yet . While the models agree Lester will angle in a west-northwest track that parallels the Islands, they are in disagreement on just how close that path may be.



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