• The Tools that Keep Us Sharp

    As a technology forward enterprise, Eberl is always seeking new ways to remain on the cutting edge of our industry. We are a Microsoft Certified Partner and utilize the full range of Microsoft’s product offerings, as well as the numerous benefits of Microsoft’s knowledge base and support. We maintain a sophisticated and highly customized workforce and project tracking system, and in-house pay team personnel and software, which enable us to keep a constant pulse on all of our operations. Our reliable and tested dispatch technology — in conjunction with continuous personnel profile updates, maintenance and evaluations on all claims associates in our workforce — ensures the best use of resources for you and your policyholders.

    A State-of-the-Art Facility

    Eberl’s 12,000-square-foot training facility in Dallas is cutting edge — complete with a computer lab, full scale residential training mock-ups, damaged roof panels and auditorium, allowing us to accommodate large groups of personnel and deliver any needed instruction or training prior to handling your claims. We also offer just-in-time, client specific training during catastrophe staging periods to effectively prepare personnel for individual deployments across the country.

    Centralized Claims Center

    With the understanding that insurance carriers consistently strive to maintain the delicate balance of being adequately staffed during peak times — but not overstaffed during slow times — we have established our Centralized Claims Center in Dallas, Texas.

    Using the latest technology, this facility handles claims, reconciliations, reopens and underwriting inspections, as well as various other insurance and claims related services. We monitor call volume to track peak times or slow times and adjust staff accordingly, without sacrificing quality or customer service — saving you money. Of course, all calls are monitored and recorded for review. Full time site management is provided as well, ensuring claims handling accuracy as well as constant compliance and efficiency monitoring.