• Getting Started

    Q: How do I become an Eberl adjuster?

    A: The first step is to get on our roster. You can apply online through our secure website: Submit your application.

    Q: What if I’m already on your roster? How do I get communications?

    A: If you think you’re already on our roster, chances are we’re communicating with you frequently. If not, then likely you’ve been placed in an inactive status. Inactive associates will need to submit a new application. You may also email us at staffing@eberls.com if you have questions about your status.

    Q: Once I submit my application, where do I go from there?

    A: Once you submit your application, our Staffing Team will review and process your application. Once that’s complete, you’ll be successfully added to our active roster. From there, we’ll correspond with you further via email regarding our minimum requirements and your next steps.

    Q: Does Eberl train catastrophe adjusters?

    A: Yes, Eberl Claims Service has been training adjusters since our founding in 1987!  We currently offer a variety of classes for CAT Adjusters (property & auto), Daily Adjusters, Auto Liability Adjusters, Claims Associates and much more at our state-of-the-art training facility in Dallas, Texas. In addition, we offer a number of courses on-line via our Eberl Learning Center. Once you’ve applied, you’ll be administered a username and password to our website so that you’re able to log on and view/edit your profile. Once logged in, you’ll have access to our Learning Center where you can view the training calendar and register for any classes that you’d like to complete online or attend at our Dallas training facility. The Eberl staff will also send you emails regarding your next steps once you apply.

    Q: Do I need adjusting experience to work with Eberl?

    A: Most of our clients require at least two years of experience. However, we do have training opportunities available for claims associates seeking a career at an entry-level position. Bi-lingual skills are in high demand by many of our clients, as well. Please be sure to include that, or any other special skill sets, on your assignment inquiries to Eberl.

    In addition, prospective claims adjusters must possess exceptional customer service and organizational skills, be willing to travel extensively, and be prepared to spend extended periods of time away from home. Adjusters are assigned on an “at will” basis, and among other things, a criminal background check will be requested.

    Q: What certifications do I need to work with Eberl?

    A: Many of our larger clients require independent adjusters to go through their certification process prior to working their claims. Eberl Claims Service also works with clients that currently do not require adjuster certifications. However, to increase your opportunities with our company, we recommend acquiring all certifications available. Please log in to the Eberl Learning Center to learn which certifications are offered.

    Q: Do I need an adjuster license?

    A: Yes! In fact, the more licenses you have, the more marketable you are to our clients.  Advances in technology have essentially “removed state borders” with regards to licensing. So you may work an assignment based out of one state, but be handling claims in many others. There are currently 34 states that license adjusters and we recommend you to obtain them all to increase the assignments you can be considered for.

    At a minimum, Eberl Claims Service requires all catastrophe adjusters and daily adjusters to hold an adjuster’s license. If your home state does not have an adjuster-licensing program in place, we suggest you obtain a True Designated Home State Texas adjuster license. This can be done through the Texas Department of Insurance.

    All other adjuster licenses are acquired through the department of insurance of the state where you wish to obtain the license. Most state department of insurance websites contain information about that given state’s licensing process.

    For additional state specific information we have created our Adjuster Licensing Workbook. Please contact our home office and we will be happy to send you a copy.

    Q: What estimating software do you require?

    A: The majority of our clients require the use of the Xactimate property estimating software. We feel the best way to learn the program is through a combination of classroom and field use. Eberl Claims Service offers Xactimate classes throughout the year at our training facility in Dallas. Classes are also offered through Xactware directly. You can find locations and schedules for their upcoming classes on their website, www.xactware.com. We recommend that you take the Level 1, 2 and 3 exams, as they will help us in determining if you have the necessary software training prior to deployment.

    For auto adjusters, we recommend that you train in the auto estimating software Audatex. We offer these training classes through our Learning Center and you are able to complete the courses at your convenience.

    Q: How long does it take to get the needed certifications?

    A: Certification processes vary in delivery method, length and complexity, depending on the client’s requirements. In most cases, travel and overnight stays are required, as well as sufficient time devoted to preparation and study prior to the certification. While some certifications are achieved through seminar-type training sessions, others can be much more involved with training and exams spread out over a multi-day period.

    In all, it may take several months to complete all the certifications that we offer. Proper scheduling, effective studying and preparation, and timely course registration will help reduce the time and expense devoted to the certification process

    Q: Who pays for the training that I will need?

    A: You are responsible for all of the fees associated with training with Eberl, including such things as: class registration and travel costs. Remember, when you obtain training, you’re making an investment in yourself and furthering your education so that you’re able to become a highly-skilled Eberl adjuster.

    Getting to Work

    Q: How do I stay on your active roster?

    A: Remaining active on our roster is easy. Following the tips below will ensure you remain active in our system.

    Respond to our communications (texts, voicemail messages and emails) in a timely manner and provide us with the information and/or documents that we’re requesting. If we’re requesting information from you, it’s because we need it in order for us to consider you further for opportunities. If you fail to respond to us in a timely manner or fail to provide us with requested information, we’ll have no choice but to mark your profile inactive.

    Keep your profile updated. Be sure to keep us informed when you obtain new licenses, certifications, training or skills. This will help us in determining what positions you’re qualified for as assignments arise.

    Q: What are some general tips on how to conduct myself when dealing with Eberl?

    A: Treat every interaction with Eberl as a job interview. We’re seeking the most qualified candidates to work for us and we’re in a customer service industry. We evaluate your potential through every contact we have with you. If you’re rude or unprofessional in your dealings with us, we feel it directly reflects on how you’d interact with our clients and their policyholders.

    When we send you information or instructions, please read the information carefully and follow the directions that are outlined. As an independent adjuster, you must be able to demonstrate to us your ability to read and follow directions and work with minimal supervision.

    Adhere to dress codes when you attend our training classes, seminars and other meetings. Again, treat these interactions as job interviews.

    Q: How will I be updated on possible deployments?

    A: Updates will vary depending on the nature of the assignment. For catastrophe deployments, many times the update will come in the form of a text message, check-in email, or a deployment phone call. When a storm is threatening the United States, such as a hurricane, the staff here at Eberl will be working around the clock to bring you the most current information. In addition, we regularly post updates to the Eberl blog and our social media outlets when a large catastrophic event has occurred or is imminent.

    For non-catastrophe deployment updates, you will most likely be contacted by phone and email. In addition, we will often post these types of assignments on the “Opportunities” segment of the Eberl blog.

    Be it through social media, text, email or a deployment phone call, we’ll remain in constant communication with you to ensure that we’re providing you with the most current information.

    Q: When will I be deployed?

    A: Unfortunately, we do not have a direct answer to this question, as insurance adjusting is a very dynamic and cyclical business, based around many factors including; client needs, storm activity, and industry trends. Our business can be very unpredictable and, unfortunately, claims work can never be guaranteed. With that said, our staff is here to continually communicate any information that you need to be prepared for the moment the deployment call comes. We are dedicated to serving our clients and their policyholders, whenever and wherever their needs may arise and you play a very instrumental role in this process.

    Q: How will I be deployed?

    A: Once a deployment opportunity has become available for you, you’ll receive a personal phone call from our Staffing team, providing you with the details. Once you have accepted the assignment, we’ll send you a confirmation email outlining the details in writing.

    On Assignment

    Q: Once I’m deployed, how long will my assignment last?

    A: Due to the unpredictable nature of this business, we cannot always guarantee the duration of a field or in-office deployment. However, depending on the nature of the assignment and client needs, you may be asked to commit to a specific length of time, particularly in the case of in-office positions. These types of details will be explained to you in depth at the time of deployment.

    Just as we cannot guarantee the duration of a deployment, we cannot guarantee the amount of claims you’ll be given if you are working a field assignment.

    Q: How long will I have to arrive at the deployment site?

    A: Typically, you’ll be expected to arrive at the assignment location within 48 hours of the time we deploy you. You should be prepared to hit the road and have all of your equipment ready to go when you receive that call.

    Q: Who’s responsible for the expenses I incur when I’m deployed?

    A: When you’re deployed, you’re responsible for all expenses accrued. We do not arrange hotel accommodations for you, provide you with a vehicle, or pay the expenses it takes to get you to and from a storm site.

    Q: What can I expect while I’m on assignment?

    Deployments can definitely be long and strenuous. You should prepare to work 7 days a week. Since we can never guarantee deployment duration, you could be working through the holidays and be away from your family for long periods of time.

    Q: How much work can I expect in a given year?

    Please be aware that this is a very dynamic and cyclical business which is based around storm activity and ever-changing client needs. Insurance adjusting can be very unpredictable and unfortunately the amount of work available can never be guaranteed. During peak periods, there may be enough work to keep you busy for a long time. However, during slow periods, there may be very little work. With that being said, our staff is here to continually communicate any information that you need to be prepared for when assignments arise. Again, this is a very dynamic and cyclical business that is controlled by storm activity.

    Q: How do I update my availability or my new experience?

    A: You can log in to your profile and update your status on our site, or simply send an email to staffing@eberls.com with your name and current status. You can also email an updated resume to us, and we’d be happy to update your profile. We’ll need copies of any new certification and licenses that you receive before we can add them to your profile. Also, we frequently send check-in emails, requesting your updated status. Please respond to all correspondence, so that we have the most current and accurate record on file for you.

    Q: Why choose Eberl?

    Since 1987, Eberl Claims Service has been deploying and training independent adjusters across the U.S. Over the years, our philosophy of treating adjusters as we wish to be treated has allowed us to establish a vast network of the most professional, educated and dedicated adjusters in the industry.

    Every decision that’s made here at Eberl is made with you, the adjuster, in mind. We’re dedicated to making Eberl a company that you call home.