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Get to Know The Staffing Team

Meet the Eberl Staffing Team! We are here to assist our adjusters and independent contractors with any of their Eberl needs! From the initial interview process where we make personalized recommendations to regular check-in calls and profile updates to finally deploying for both daily and catastrophe assignments – the staffing team handles it all! We also have fun creating social media content, interacting with adjusters online, writing informative blogs and producing podcasts. Below meet the individuals that make up our staffing team.


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  • Carin Billingsley says:

    Great to meet all of you all. I am happy to be apart of the team. Even though I haven’t worked directly with Eberls I am looking forward to do so in the near future. I’m sure it’s a wonderful company to work for. I am impressed by the online portal and the training provided.

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