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Hail, Tornadoes and Tropical Systems!

By May 7, 2015February 3rd, 2020No Comments

Spring storm season is in full effect, with more than 150 severe weather reports and over 50 tornado reports yesterday.  A severe tornado outbreak which blasted Oklahoma, Kansas and Nebraska has left decent amounts of property damage, at least twelve people injured and one dead. In addition, heavy rains in Oklahoma City have triggered the National Weather Service to issue a flash flood emergency for the OKC metro area- for the FIRST TIME EVER.

The stormy weather is expected to continue through the weekend with everything from tornadoes and hail to snow in some areas! Oh Mother Nature… you do get a little wacky each spring 🙂

Meanwhile, off the Southeast coast of the U.S., we have Invest 90… At this point, the system lacks the defined center and heavy thunderstorm activity needed to attain tropical storm status, but there is a good chance it will reach subtropical cyclone strength by tomorrow evening and we will have our first named storm of 2015- Ana. Weak steering currents will likely give the system an unpredictable storm path, but at this point the most likely landfall location looks to be either North Carolina or northeastern South Carolina on Sunday.  Wind speeds of 55-65 mph are expected along the coast on Saturday and Sunday in addition to heavy rains. Looks like hurricane season may come a bit early this year!

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