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Iselle Blows Over the Big Island

By August 8, 2014February 3rd, 2020No Comments

Tropical Storm Iselle hit the Big Island this morning around 9 am EDT. The system is dropping heavy rains; up to 4 inches per hour in some areas, prompting flash flood warnings for all the Islands. Even though Iselle made landfall as a moderate tropical storm with 60 mph winds, the National Weather Service has reported downed trees and flying roofs. However, this storm is more of a rainmaker and flooding continues to be the major concern associated with Iselle. Wind shear and dry air will bring the storms demise tomorrow afternoon, leaving Islanders with plenty of clean-up work ahead.

Hurricane Julio became a Category 3 storm last night, making it the 5th major hurricane in the Eastern Pacific this year. Typically, there are only 3 major hurricanes in the Eastern Pacific season, so 2014 is quite an anomaly. The good news is that is it looking rather certain that Julio will skirt the Islands and likely have little impact.

Meanwhile in the Atlantic… things are quiet with no tropical cyclone formation expected for the next five days.

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