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Matthew- Potential Threat for U.S. Southeast

By October 3, 2016February 3rd, 2020No Comments


Matthew is currently at category 4 status and is on track to make landfall on or near Haiti tomorrow before hitting Cuba tomorrow evening. There has been a major change in the more reliable forecast models and they are now indicating Matthew may have major impacts along the Southeast U.S. coast. Especially concerning is the fact that all four members of the Euro “high-probability” cluster forecast Matthew making landfall on Florida’s East Coast. The latest runs of the other top forecast models are also indicating a westward shift with the UKMET tracking Matthew into the East Coast of Florida and the GFS projecting a northern South Carolina landfall this weekend.

Matthew has a lot of ocean to cover and several encounters with land masses before it starts the final path towards the U.S. However, most forecasts are in agreement that Matthew will be at least a category 2 storm as it makes its closest pass (or landfall) to the U.S. late this week.


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