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Qualities of a Rock Star Adjuster

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FINALLY, the phone rings and it’s Eberl Claim Service calling you as we have an assignment available. After gladly accepting the deployment you might start to wonder how you can be successful and further your chances of being considered for more opportunities in the future.

To help we have put together a “rock star” adjuster list that details the qualities and skills desired by Eberl management and our clients.

It is first important to note that becoming “rock star” adjuster takes a lot of hard work and a dedication to your profession. Building trust and learning what we can expect from you develops overtime. “Stand out adjusters are able to enter their assignments with a different mindset than other adjusters, mentally setting up their routine to work the assignment efficiently and productively.”-  Brent Jones Vice President Property Claims.

Below are 5 areas of qualities and skills that make an adjuster stand out and help increase their chances of getting deployed more often.


Focus on the customer and strive to provide outstanding service that the customer will remember and appreciate.  Be sure to take the time to listen to the customer’s story and empathize. Demonstrate the ability to find the best approaches in handling difficult situations or have the willingness to ask the right people.  “We can teach you how to write an estimate, we can teach you the ins and outs of claim handling, but we cannot teach you the art of customer service.”  – Taylor Jones, Vice President, Shared Services.   Having a knack for customer service will take you far!

It is important to show that you are able to manage many relationships while deployed. This can include the client, customer, contractor, public adjusters, agents and of course, your management.


Superior time management and organizational skills will make you shine on deployments. When you demonstrate the ability to complete tasks in a timely organized manner, everyone wins. By being able to multitask, adapt to changes, and be flexible while maintaining a good attitude will impress management, the customers, and our clients!


Being proficient in Xactimate, Audatex, and/or other industry software programs is critical to your success. In addition to being skilled in various software’s, your ability to thoroughly understand policies and properly interpret the policy coverages for a variety of scenarios is instrumental. For field claims, possessing a strong skill set and discipline to be remote, and the ability to produce the most out of each claim/assignment will have our team calling you a “rocks star” in no time!


Having an entrepreneurial spirit and understanding that hard work pays off.  You get what you put into this career is the mindset our most successful adjusters have.  A dedicated entrepreneur understands that sacrifices must be made to be successful – but the payoffs are almost always worth it.  Putting the time and resources into your professional development and being patient in this dynamic business are a must!


It is very important to consistently practice quality claim handling practices to instill confidence in your management. This includes showing your management that you have a defined process or approach that creates efficiency and accuracy.  Additionally, a “rock star” adjuster will possess the foresight to be proactive in handling difficult or bad situations and getting them addressed quickly and accurately.

This career isn’t for the faint at heart, especially when you are first starting out, but a big pay out can be earned for those that work hard and demonstrate these qualities and skills. If you are just getting started in adjusting, it is important to remember these characteristics can take time to build and learn. Most importantly do not forget to have “an awareness that you need to take care of yourself, a deployment is a marathon and not a sprint.” –  Paul Howell Vice President Property Claims.  Being patient with yourself and the business can take you far!  We look forward to calling you our next “rock star”!


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