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Tropic Update and Looking Back on Katrina

By August 29, 2014February 3rd, 2020No Comments

The disturbance formerly known as 97L should reach the Bay of Campeche on Monday, at which time the odds of development increase considerably. In fact, the Bay is known for stirring up tropical storms in short order. The current tracking models indicate this system will move west-northwest or northwest towards the coast of Mexico south of Texas next week.

As predicted, a sizable wave has appeared off the coast of Africa today. At present, the five day odds of development are low, but that does not mean that it will not develop sometime after that.

We would be remiss to not acknowledge that today marks nine years since Hurricane Katrina- one of the most memorable and destructive hurricanes U.S. history. Eberl Claims Service had adjusters mobilized and ready to deploy within hours after the storm hit and in the days and weeks that followed we sent hundreds upon hundreds of adjusters to Arkansas, Alabama, Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Centralized Offices to aid in recovery efforts. There were a myriad of challenges in responding to this event, not the least of which included; gas shortages, lack of housing and dwindling (or non-existent) food supplies. In addition, adjusters experienced the massive devastation as well as the emotional toll Katrina had on first responders, residents and everyone else involved in the recovery process.  In fact, experts have reported numerous cases of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder in people that have been through catastrophes such as Katrina. We could not be more proud of the incredible efforts of the entire Eberl team during our Hurricane Katrina response. It was an historical event of epic proportions that pushed us all to our limits and beyond.

Click the link below for a great slideshow of  post Katrina photos and the exact same location nine years later.


Hurricane Katrina

Hurricane Katrina


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